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Christ the King Baptist Church

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Christ the King is a beautiful contemporary Baptist church on Milwaukee’s north side. Music is an extremely important part of their services and they have a large, wonderful choir.

The church came to Lewis Sound and Video because they were very unhappy with a new sound system that had been installed by another contractor.  The system was constantly blowing fuses; it had blown amplifiers; it had feedback and hum issues which the contractor had responded to by installing a feedback eliminator. Since these devices work by removing problem frequencies, the choir was left with a rather thin sound.

Our engineers proposed eliminating the feedback eliminator, relocating their loudspeakers and adding a Peavey digital signal processor so that the room could be tuned properly. To address the reliability issues, we separated their overheating amplifiers into two equipment racks, redirected the signals coming from each amp, and redesigned the power management system. 

The Lewis Sound field technicians also tracked down and solved a ground loop problem which had been the major source of the church’s hum issues.   Christ the King ended up with a killer system, essentially by reusing their existing equipment and adapting it properly to the room. They are now very happy and have given us a large number of referrals in return.

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