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Fox River Christian Church

Waukesha, Wisconsin

Rousing music, clear, crisp speech, and outstanding video is important in any worship venue. When Fox River Christian Church began a major remodelling, they asked us to design and install a high-end AV system that would deliver all three. This new system includes:

  • Two custom-built Electro-Voice compact line arrays
  • A three-screen video system used for hymns, animations, presentations and motion video
  • A digital soundboard that stores settings for each type of service or meeting, drastically cutting setup time
  • A complete production area is used to create PowerPoint presentations, videos, and other multimedia materials.

There are two major advantages in using line arrays in this large (1600 seat) church auditorium. First, there’s very little change in volume from the front to the back of the room. Second, it’s possible to keep virtually all of the sound energy off the stage, even low tones that could not be controlled with any other type of speaker system. Thus the church can use high-gain microphones with no feedback, picking up singers, speakers, even very shy children and projecting their voices so everyone can hear.

“We take the power of the message that Jesus delivered and put it out through the technology available to us,” says Pastor Guy Conn. “We really do feel that excellence honours God.”

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