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Marquette University High School Quad Park

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Quad Park is an outdoor athletic facility used for soccer and outdoor track. Lewis Sound installed a simple but effective outdoor sound system.

The track or game announcer and the Clerk of Course (the person telling people when and where to line up for the next race) each have a wireless microphone.

Sound from each mic is broadcast from four Peavey loudspeakers mounted on light poles above the bleachers.

The school can also plug a music source into the system, although the emphasis is on announcements and play by play.

A professional wireless mic system made all the difference at Quad Park. “We had a cheaper wired and wireless microphone, but we kept picking up police calls,” says athletic director Richard Basham. The Audio Technica system we installed solved the problem and helped maximize the system’s intelligibility.  Along with the mics, we put in a high gain periodic antenna system, which will pick up the mics from anywhere on the field. The officials can now stand by the starting line, long jump pit, or even the scoreboard without having to worry about the sound system.

The other key to this project was to position the loudspeakers where they can be best heard by the fans and not spill out into the neighbourhood. 

“The first rule would be to get your speakers as close to the audience as possible,” says Susan Lewis, and of course that’s just what we did at Quad Park.  The result is clear, clean sound for Marquette fans and very little overspill into the neighbourhood.

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