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Who we are

At Lewis Sound & Video, our goal is to create meeting rooms and public spaces where the

  • The spoken word can be heard clearly
  • Music and video have a real impact
  • The AV system is easy to use

There is both an art and a science to building a great audiovisual system.

The science comes in using the latest test instruments and design software. For instance, EASE (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers), allows us to create a three-dimensional model of any room and then plot out the ideal number of speakers and their placement. TEF® (Time Energy Frequency) analysis uses the computer to compare the audio output from your speakers to the original tones on a CD. It helps us fine-tune the finished system frequency by frequency.

The art, however, is necessary because the room won’t sound good, the video won’t look its best, if we adjust everything strictly by the computer. There are nuances to a live performance and a great room that a computer just cannot capture. An experienced eye and ear are absolutely necessary to getting this right.

There is another artist at work here, too, that of understanding what our clients really need, want and can afford. We take this seriously because we’re your neighbours, people who take pride in our work and care about our impact on your church, school or business. We worry about all the details that go into your new audio-video system so that you don’t have to.

“My father was an architect who built homes in Milwaukee for 50 years, and I still remember the nice things people said about him when he died. One sent a note to my mom saying, “You know, every morning the sunshine hits our kitchen table, and we know that Eric put that window in just so that we would have that.” And I remember thinking at the time, “if we’re going to grow this business, that’s how I want people to think about us.” -Susan Lewis