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Coast Restaurant

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Coast is a chic restaurant and bar located on Wisconsin Avenue near the Milwaukee lakefront.

Opened to rave reviews, Coast includes a lounge with grand piano, the deco-styled Wave Bar and a beautiful seafood restaurant, all with a background music system designed and installed by Lewis Sound & Video.

The audio system includes:

  • 30 JBL Control 26CT full-range ceiling speakers
  • Four JBL Control 19CST subwoofers
  • A Rane CP64 commercial preamplifier
  • A multi-channel power amplifier
  • Four sets of volume controls plus master controls.

One nice feature of the Coast sound system is that it’s volume zoned. While the entire restaurant and bar gets the same sound (from a music service), three private dining areas have their own volume controls. This allows clients to decide if they want background music and, if so, at what volume levels.

The system allows managers to produce a very nice ambience with the flexibility to serve the needs of particular groups.