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South Milwaukee High School

South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

When the city of South Milwaukee began planning for a brand new high school building, they knew it would be a cut above in architecture and technology. The new facility has already won several architectural awards.

We installed audio and video projection systems in the auditorium and boardroom plus sound systems in the field house, commons area and football stadium.

The auditorium is unique in that it will pay its own operating costs through revenues raised from performances and rentals to the community. To do so, it must compete with commercial theaters just 20 minutes away in downtown Milwaukee. Its superb audio and video systems make that possible.

The sound system, designed by Synergistic Design Associates and installed by Lewis Sound & Video, includes:

  • Peavey XFrame digital signal processing
  • A Soundcraft digital mixing console in a control room at the back of the auditorium
  • A Yamaha digital effects generator to provide reverb and sound effects for school productions
  • Renkus Heinz loudspeakers, EAW subwoofers, Mackie stage and control room monitors and Crown amplifiers
  • A 12-channel Audio-Technica wireless mic system
  • CD, DAT, cassette and cassette recording systems
  • Automated power sequencing to turn multiple systems on and off in the proper order with one button.

The video projection system, which we designed at Lewis Sound, includes:

  • A high brightness Sanyo projector
  • A 250″ diagonal Draper motorized projection screen
  • Extron System 5 AV switcher and controller
  • DVD and videotape inputs.

The boardroom AV system, which we also designed, includes:

  • The same model high brightness Sanyo projector used in the auditorium. We suggested it here because of the very high ambient light in this room (about 2/3 of the wall surface is windows).
  • Automatic mic mixing using digital wireless conference mics
  • Crestron controls
  • An Extron matrix switcher for high flexibility using computers and video sources in the room.

The commons area, which provides lunchroom and student meeting space, features a sound reinforcement and background music system with:

  • ElectroVoice EVID 8″ loudspeakers adapted for high ceiling use. They are horn-loaded with a narrow coverage pattern and work very well in this two-story open space.
  • An Audio-Technica wireless mic system
  • A music playback system that includes an AM FM tuner

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