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U.S. District Court

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Judge Joseph Stadtmueller likes to keep his courtroom on the leading edge of technology. He originally asked Lewis Sound & Video to install audio systems in his courtroom more than 25 years ago, and we have come back from time to time for maintenance, minor upgrades and the major upgrade shown here.

The reworked courtroom audio system includes:

  • A new Polycom audioconferencing system with digital signal processing. The judge uses this system to bring in testimony from witnesses who cannot travel to Milwaukee, as well as counsel and comments from attorneys in other cities. He has also used it occasionally to bring in language interpreters, as it can be very difficult to find translators for certain languages.
  • An AEC automatic mic mixer, which minimizes noise and potential feedback by turning mics off and on as people speak.
  • A Sennheiser IR-based hearing assistance system with five headset receivers.
  • Eight new AKG gooseneck table microphones.
  • A sound masking system that allows the judge to generate pink noise to keep jurors and others from overhearing conferences at the bench.
  • A new Crestron control system gives the judge control of all audio systems plus on/off control of individual microphones.

We were also able to reuse certain components, in particular the original JBL 12″ ceiling speakers, which were still in good condition, and an equipment rack located under the judge’s bench.

Judge Stadtmueller is very pleased with the new system. “Given the fact that litigation is so expensive, we really could not function without this technology, or at least function efficiently,” he says.

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