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Irvin L. Young Auditorium

University of Wisconsin Whitewater

Opened in 1992, the 1300-seat Young Auditorium provides the Whitewater community with an outstanding venue for music, dance and theater, hosting everything from Carmen to Grease to the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Lewis Sound & Video designed, engineered, and installed a high-end theatrical sound system that includes

  • A center loudspeaker cluster mounted over the proscenium
  • A smaller delay cluster to serve the balcony
  • A 32-channel mixing board
  • A production intercom system
  • A Peavey X-Frame DSP that provides multiple setups presets, including presets that allow touring bands and companies to easily tie their portable systems into the auditorium’s house sound.

Auxiliary systems include

  • Multi-channel intercom
  • Multi-zone lobby paging and background music
  • Back-of-house program, paging and intercom systems (for dressing room, production and administration areas)
  • CCTV video system for remote visual monitoring throughout the production areas

Read a detailed description of theatrical sound system design.

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