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MMoCA Film and Video Theater

Overture Center Madison Wisconsin

Because it serves as a lecture hall and screening room for the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, audio quality was considered critical for this 200-seat venue.

Lewis Sound provided a state-of-the art sound system for the high-end space.

This system includes:

  • BSS Soundweb digital signal processing.
  • Mic and speaker patch bays.
  • A small mic mixer.
  • Three Crown amplifiers.
  • A wiring backbone, including input/output panels on each side of the stage and on the ceiling above the stage with mic and speaker jacks.
  • Assistive listening with two infrared transmitters in the theater.
  • Connections to the building-wide paging system, to bring pages and program audio into other areas of the Overture Center.

The sound system currently uses left, right and center loudspeakers plus a subwoofer, which Overture technical staff installed on the wiring backbone.

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