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Marquette University High School

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Marquette University High School is a private Catholic college preparatory school affiliated with Milwaukee’s Marquette University.

Lewis Sound has been supplying AV systems to the high school for almost 20 years. We have gradually improved and refined the auditorium sound system as the theatre department’s needs have changed and as funds have become available.

The system now includes:

  • A central JBL loudspeaker cluster was installed during a major restoration of the venue in the late 90s.
  • Over and under-balcony loudspeaker systems (with delay)
  • A front-of-house mixing position with 32-input Soundcraft Spirit board.
  • JBL left and right stereo loudspeakers.
  • Digital signal processing (DSP).
  • Eight AudioTechnia wireless mics.
  • Wired and wireless intercom system.
  • Crown and QSC power amplifiers.
  • A new power sequencer and control panel that allows remote control of the system from the stage.

Read about the sound system at Marquette High School’s athletic field